Raven Home

A Stormy Night

Rain poured down from the sky as thunder broke the silent night. The power goes out at a small inner city apartment building. Suddenly a scream pierces through the darkness of the third floor. Two residents, Xavier and Park emerge to investigate the source. At the end of the hall, standing in front of the window, silhouetted by flashes of lightening, stand a lone man. Xavier approaches him, calling out for his name. As he approaches the figure of the man fades away.Before long another scream comes from the apartment of one David Williams.

Knocking on the apartment door brings no response. The door is broken in revealing the pig sty within. Investigating the apartment Xavier and Park discover a gruesome site in the apartments bathroom. There they find David Williams feasting on the flesh of some poor young girl.Park fires upon the man but misses in the dim light. Xavier fires as well, striking David in the head. David falls lifeless to the ground, fresh blood dripping from his lips.

Realizing the trouble they could be in the pair begin to look for some sort of explanation. Park discovers a set of keys and a blood stained pocket knife on the deceased Mr. Williams. At this point the two gunshots have attracted the attention of two other tenants,Xavier and Natasha.


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